The sick note provided by former President Jacob Zuma’s medical doctor in support of him being too sick to attend his corruption trial in the KZN High Court (Pietermaritzburg) last week, did not meet the ethical standards laid down in the Health Professions Act.

This, notes a report in The Sunday Independent, was confirmed by the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA), which provided three glaring flaws to substantiate its opinion.

The note was issued by Dr Zakes Kagiso Motene, who is attached to the 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria and rejected by the court on several grounds.

Priscilla Sekhonyana, HPCSA’s spokesperson, said the certificate issued and referred to as SA Medical Health Service Prescription and Duty Restriction Form did not meet some of the requirements of Ethical Rule 16 of the Act. Sekhonyana highlighted that:

* The practitioner’s (Motene) qualifications and registration number were not recorded.

* The date on which the certificate was issued is not recorded.

* The certificate did not indicate whether it was issued as a result of personal observation by Motene during an examination.

Full report in The Sunday Independent

Meanwhile, Zuma loyalists are preparing a fight-back campaign.

At the heart of the campaign are sections of the ANC's women and youth leagues, the Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans’ Association (MKMVA) and some provincial structures, says a City Press report. In Gauteng, a group calling themselves the Radical Economic Transformation (RET) forces met in Kliptown, Soweto, to draft a plan of action to support the former President. Various ANC-aligned organisations were represented at the 70-strong gathering.

They deemed the warrant of arrest issued by the High Court to be a sign of disrespect towards Zuma, and a means to humiliate him.

‘If they say there is a warrant of arrest, it means that there is a declaration of war. That means we are going to be fighting because president Jacob Zuma cannot end up in jail cells,’ a member of the RET forces is quoted as saying.

Masechaba Motloung, a member of the MKMVA’s national executive committee, said: ‘We cannot allow for Msholozi, who is our president, to be served with a warrant and then have the ANC leadership just watching. Msholozi has fought for this country. We are not going to allow this, especially us members of MK.’

Four key issues were agreed on for the campaign:

* The pro-Zuma mobilisation should be extended outside the ranks of the ANC.

* A steering committee will be elected to drive the process.

* The campaign will unveiled before the former President’s next court appearance.

* A march or motorcade in support of Zuma will be organised ahead of the court date to show that Zuma backers did not only come from KZN.

Full City Press report