A used car salesman’s dirty tricks have finally caught up with him, his wife and an associate.

According to a report on the IoL site, four years after Erens and Crische Uys, from Gordon’s Bay, and their associate Denzil Bell, from Caledon, appeared in the Specialised Commercial Crime Court in Bellville, the Uys couple admitted to no fewer than 220 charges, including fraud and racketeering.

Bell is believed to be on the run and a warrant is out for his arrest.

The matter is back in court on 6 April, when they will be sentenced.

In 2016, it was reported that Crische Uys faced 13 charges of fraud, 13 of theft by false pretences, nine of forgery, and one of racketeering, one of incitement to commit forgery, one of incitement to commit uttering and one of money laundering.

Erens Uys faced 30 counts: 14 of fraud, 13 of theft by false pretences, two of racketeering and one of money laundering.

Bell faced 10 counts – nine of uttering and one of forgery.

The trio were notorious and well-connected operators in Kuils River, where they traded in used vehicles under the name Highway Motors.

Victims, who did not want to be identified, said they feared the couple and their links to police and local gangs. Some victims had lost their cars for minor deposits; others never received any payments; while a number said they had put down deposits but never received any vehicles.

The vehicles were later either repossessed from the unwitting new owners, or confiscated by the police as stolen.

Full report on the IoL site