The DA is bracing itself for a mighty fight with national government to prevent the state from using pension funds to bail out the embattled Eskom.

A Daily Dispatch report says the opposition party has kicked off its campaign, going to citizens with cap in hand, asking for donations to fund what it says is a possible Constitutional Court case.

DA parliamentary chief whip Natasha Mazzone sent out e-mails yesterday asking for donations from R50.

Mazzone, who has been vocal against the state continuously bailing out Eskom, reportedly told the Daily Dispatch the party was consulting with its lawyers.

‘The DA is looking at ways in which we can stop the government from getting their hands on the public sector’s wages. We noted with concern that the President thinks private pensions should also be used to assist the state-owned company.’

Mazzone believes this could mean taxpayers could be liable for another troubled SOE.

‘For us this is unconstitutional and immoral of the President. What it will mean is that people who have worked their entire lives will have nothing in their savings in the pensions when they are old.’

Full Daily Dispatch report (subscription needed)