A Centurion couple are taking legal action against the Wierdabrug police station after the man was arrested in the early hours of last Friday for breaking the curfew when he went out to buy formula milk for his two-day-old infant.

The baby had difficulty breastfeeding when the father rushed to the Clicks store in the Netcare Unitas Hospital at 01:30, notes a report in The Citizen.

Family lawyer Lily Rautenbach, from Lily Rautenbach Attorneys, is quoted as saying: ‘I can confirm that we are opening a case against the police officers involved in the incident, as it clearly was an emergency situation.’

According to Rautenbach, the father presented the police officers with the purchase slip from the pharmacy, but they arrested him anyway.

‘The police officers did not allow my client to take the milk home to his wife and infant. He was forced to call his wife and have her walk to the scene where he was arrested, a few metres down the street from their residence,’ she said.

Rautenbach noted the couple were traumatised by the incident and plan to take all steps necessary.

Police are said to be investigating the matter.

Full report in The Citizen