The family of an Eersterust woman have taken legal action against Steve Biko Academic Hospital after their mother was allegedly left with a rotting bedsore on her backside, said to be more than 5cm wide.

A report in The Citizen notes that a daughter of Charmaine Slimmert (66) claims her mother suffered negligence at the hospital. Their ordeal started on 17 January after Violene Anderson said her mother was not feeling well.

‘We took her to the clinic and had some X-rays done and were then referred to Steve Biko where she was admitted on January 19 and was left in the hospital’s care for almost a month. At the time, we were informed that my mom had a very rare spinal stroke and was receiving treatment for it as the hospital was running a series of MRI and CT scans,’ she said.

Due to Covid-19 regulations Anderson was not allowed to see her mother.

When she was discharged on 17 February, the family discovered the mother had a bedsore bigger than 5cm.

She said on 22 February her mother was readmitted to hospital when her condition became worse.

Anderson said the hospital had been served court papers over the alleged negligence.

Steve Biko Academic Hospital CEO Dr Mathabo Mathebula said the patient was treated for a stroke and bedsore. She was discharged when both had stabilised.

Mathebula said the hospital would admit if there was negligence, but ‘cannot be held accountable for natural complications of certain disease processes’.

Full report in The Citizen