Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi called a public meeting in Ulundi this week to convey the firm message that, with or without the government's coronation and other due processes, King Misuzulu is already on the throne as leader of the Zulu nation.

An IoL report notes that Buthelezi stressed that by asking the Zulu nation to pay lobola for the late Queen Mantfombi Dlamini-Zulu, the late King Goodwill Zwelithini was binding himself to a decision that the heir would come from KwaKhangelamankengane royal palace, hence Misuzulu was the king.

In his speech, Buthelezi addressed the issue of members calling themselves ‘core royal family members’.

The group stems from a recent press statement signed by Prince Mbonisi Zulu, a senior royal family member and brother of the late king. Here, the prince said he was the rightful royal spokesperson, and that anything not coming from him or that ‘structure’ was not legitimate and should be ignored by the public.

‘There have been several voices purporting to speak for the family, which have at times been assisted out of ignorance by the media. This has resulted in misinformation and confusion within the Zulu nation. His Majesty believes that this matter must be resolved as quickly as possible to avoid further confusion and divisions within the family,’ Buthelezi announced.

‘His Majesty the king feels strongly that a meeting of all the royal houses must be held as soon as possible to avoid any catastrophe that may take place as a result of the confusion and bad blood within the Royal Family. The issue of what is understood by the “Royal Family” needs to be clarified, as some now claim to be the “core” of the Royal Family to the exclusion of other senior members of the Royal Family,’ Buthelezi said.

Parties, meanwhile, are awaiting a directive from the KZN High Court (Pietermaritzburg).

This is to announce a date for oral arguments regarding Queen Sibongile Winfred Dlamini-Zulu wanting to inherit 50% of the late king’s estate, saying that they were married in community of property and that she was the first wife and they had been married through civil rites.

The IoL report notes that Dlamini-Zulu has since been joined by Princess Ntandoyenkosi Zulu and Princess Ntombizosuthu Zulu-Duma, who have hired Johannesburg-based Yossi Vissoker, a graphologist (handwriting expert) who has since concluded that the signature on the last will of the late king was forged, and marked signs of where and how the alleged forgery happened.

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