In two recent ads, flame-grilled chicken chain Pedros poked at Nando’s, implying that its characters disapprove of Nando’s chicken and prefer Pedros chicken instead.

Now Pedros has been found by the Adverting Regulatory Board (ARB) to be unduly trading on Nando's fame – not buying its argument that Nando's likes making fun of other brands, Business Insider reports.

Nando’s legal team submitted to the ARB that the ads promote its own business while belittling Nando’s.

‘The actions depicted in both commercials are not overtly humorous or exaggerated, and rely exclusively on the reference to Nando’s, in apparent disapproval, to promote’ Pedros,' said Nando’s.

In its defence, Pedros argued that Nando’s has, for many years, relied on controversial adverts that have made fun of competitors, among others.

‘(Nando’s) has become well known for using provocative advertising and controversial content to build its brand. Not only does (Nando’s) take advantage of the advertising goodwill of other brands, but it goes so far as to discredit or disparage said brands, including the competition.’

The ARB found that although the adverts do not explicitly feature the word ‘Nando’s, in the context of flame-grilled chicken the use of ‘Nan’ is sufficient to recall the Nando’s brand name.

The ad regulator also said this reference proves that Pedros was riding off the back of its competitors instead of establishing itself as a delicious, flame-grilled chicken brand.

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