Seven teenagers who play for Camps Bay FC could miss out on competing in Sweden's upcoming Gothia Cup youth soccer tournament after the government denied them visas, reports News24.

The Swedish Migration Court denied the players' travel documentation because their unabridged birth certificates do not contain their biological fathers' details.

The club then appealed the decision at the Migration Court of Appeal, but learnt on Monday that the appeal had also been denied.

Club chairperson Gina Isserow said the Swedish government required both parents' consent to grant the travel documents, which prejudiced seven teenagers born to and raised by single, unmarried mothers.

Isserow said after the Migration Court's decision, some mothers obtained affidavits from their children's fathers consenting to the trip. The players are meant to leave the country tomorrow for the tournament that will kick off on Saturday and return on 24 July.

On 7 June, the club applied for an order with the Western Cape High Court which authorised the teenagers' trip to Sweden under the temporary guardianship of the club's head coach, Mogamad Abbas.

The court order included a teenager whose father is a foreign national who had absconded and was untraceable.

The court ordered that the mothers had full parental rights and responsibilities to consent to their children's travel.

An appeal letter from the lawyers representing the teenagers addressed to the Swedish Embassy and Migration Court stated that, for children born out of wedlock, it was not compulsory for both parents to appear in a child's birth certificate.

It said where the children's best interests were concerned, the High Court superseded the biological parent's authority as the upper guardian of all minors.

Immigration lawyer Gary Eisenberg said the visa denial may reflect the Swedish Government's distrust of SA’s judiciary.

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