Eskom says that the main mechanical work on replacing the steam generators at Koeberg's Unit 1 has been completed and it will return to service on 3 November.

Unit 2 will be taken offline on 7 November, slightly later than anticipated two weeks ago, avoiding the problem that both units would be offline simultaneously.

‘Eskom is now proceeding with the outage activities that could not be performed in parallel with the replacement of the steam generators. Immediately after the completion of the outage activities, the reactor will be reloaded with fuel, enabling the return to service of the Unit. The new steam generators will first be tested and synchronised to the grid,’ Eskom said in a statement.

Each unit of Koeberg generates 900MW when the plant is operating optimally, equal to two load-shedding stages. 

Fin24 reports that there have been numerous delays to the project to replace the steam generators on Unit 1, fuelling concerns that both units would be offline simultaneously.

Eskom says it has now mitigated that risk. It hopes that replacing the steam generators will result in a 20-year extension of Koeberg's operating licence.

The new steam generators are also more efficient than the old ones and will produce an additional 27MW.

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