A KZN businessman who spent his money on cryptocurrency and online dating, failed in his bid to get over R26 000 in spousal maintenance from his estranged wife, reports IoL.

The wife said the husband did not contribute to the maintenance of their child, and all needs were taken care of by her.

During the separation, the husband brought an application in the KZN High Court (Durban) and wanted the wife to pay him R500 for the entertainment of the child, monthly spousal maintenance in the amount of R26 270, and R50 000 for his legal fees.

In his financial disclosure form, the husband said that from self-employment, partnerships, or other assets/investments, he gets an income of R12 500 every month.

The wife challenged the husband and submitted that the husband has a more substantial income than he disclosed in his affidavit, and that he earns more than enough income to support himself.

She also mentioned that he was the sole member of another business, which he had been running for almost 10 years, and it was his main source of income.

The husband did not challenge his wife on the allegations.

The court analysed the husband’s personal bank statements, and there were numerous credits in the amount of R18 500 in one month.

There was also an amount of R4 850 spent on the same account.

He never disclosed the amounts in his financial disclosure form. It was also discovered that he spent R12 730 in three months purchasing cryptocurrency and R4 432 on online dating.

Moreover, it also emerged that he received R6 000 from rental.

After analysing the evidence, Judge AJ Dutton said the husband’s behaviour points to a level of financial irresponsibility and dishonesty, which fatally undermines the entire application.

His application was dismissed, and he was ordered to pay the costs of the application.

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