Two of the three people caught up in a fake Unisa honorary doctorate scandal insist that they were definitely awarded their honorary degrees, adding they have the video evidence to prove they had attended graduation ceremonies to receive their degrees.

This after Unisa denied the claims of Malawian socialite Phemphero Mphande, Malawian musician Patience Namadingo and businessman Mansoor Sharif Karim receiving honorary doctorates from the university in 2020, 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Unisa unequivocally dismissed claims it awarded the degrees.

Speaking to City Press, Namadingo said he was informed he received an honorary doctorate and had to inquire about the legitimacy of the award.

Namadingo posted the video of the graduation on his Facebook account.

Mphande also said that he was contacted by people on behalf of the university, which recognised his work.

He added that he was recognised by other people from different countries in Africa.

‘If Unisa denies this today, either they are a part of the scam or they, too, are being scammed. I personally would be happy to work with Unisa to get to the bottom of this,’ he said.

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