Deputy Justice Minister John Jeffery says while there is a way to get the Master’s Office running efficiently, he does not believe it has suffered a complete collapse.

The office has been hamstrung as a result of long queues, system problems, documents going missing, poor infrastructure, load shedding and backlogs, an EWN report notes.

Jeffery said while there were issues at some Master’s Offices, generally they had been meeting their targets.

‘I’m not disputing that there are problems of service delivery in the Master’s Office, I’m just (saying) I don’t think it’s a complete collapse ... but yes, there is a lot that needs to be done. It is definitely not where it should be in terms of service delivery.’

The Justice Ministry recently announced a ‘rescue plan’, which Jeffery said was ‘quite comprehensive’.

‘The plan is basically, for example, with human capital, staff shortages to look at seconding staff from other branches. The issue of load shedding, there’s an attempt to put in generators in the Master’s Offices that don’t have them,' he added.

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