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Mr Andrew Dale Goldschmidt of Ashersons Attorneys Law Firm

Andrew Dale Goldschmidt

Commercial attorney also specialising in commercial litigation, franchising, property & evictions

Mr Andrew Dale Goldschmidt of Ashersons Attorneys Law Firm

Andrew Goldschmidt, a Partner at Ashersons, joined the firm in 2007.

He has experience in contentious as well as non-contentious corporate and commercial matters ranging from the drafting of commercial contracts to commercial litigation, with particular regard to corporate and contractual disputes. Andrew has experience in all aspects of insolvency related matters including Liquidation and Sequestration applications.

He is also experienced in third party claims against the Road Accident Fund and he has been involved in advising clients on matters pertaining to the new National Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

BCom (Information Systems); LLB; LLM (Tax Law)

Formal Admissions:
Admitted to the High Court as an attorney in February 2009.

Admission Status:
Practicing Roll


Direct Contact:
Direct Telephon  +27 21 461 6242
Cellular  +27 82 455 1050

Director/Partner at Ashersons Attorneys, Cape Town

Physical Address:
Ashersons Chambers
34 Plein Street
Cape Town


Postal Address:
Ashersons Chambers
PO Box 2219

Cape Town

Contact Details:
Office Telephone  +27 21 461 6240
Office Fax  +27 21 462 2536
Personal website 
Personal E-mail  [email protected]

Personal website 

Areas of Law

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