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Mr Jacobus

Jacobus "Jacov" van Zyl

Attorney specialising in Conveyancing, Property Law, and Administration of Estates and Trusts

Mr Jacobus

Jacobus “Jacov” van Zyl was admitted as an attorney in 1995 and as a conveyancer in 1997. He joined Ashersons as a consultant in 2015. His areas of expertise include Conveyancing, Property Law, and Administration of Estates and Trusts. Jacov brings with him many years of conveyancing experience, enabling him to “walk” a property transfer through the deeds office ensuing that transfers are dealt with as quickly as possible.


Formal Admissions:
Admitted to the High Court as an attorney in February 1995.
Admitted as a Conveyancer in February 1997.

Admission Status:
Practicing Roll

English, Afrikaans

Direct Contact:
Direct Telephon  +27 21 461 0111

Consultant at Ashersons Attorneys, Cape Town

Physical Address:
Ashersons Chambers
34 Plein Street
Cape Town


Postal Address:
Ashersons Chambers
PO Box 2219

Cape Town

Contact Details:
Office Telephone  +27 21 461 6240
Office Fax  +27 21 462 2536
Personal website 
Personal E-mail  [email protected]

Personal website 

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