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Mr Jacobus

Jacobus "Jacov" van Zyl

Attorney specialising in Conveyancing, Property Law, and Administration of Estates and Trusts

Mr Jacobus
Consultant at Ashersons Attorneys

Education: LLB

Formal Admissions:
Admitted to the High Court as an attorney in February 1995.
Admitted as a Conveyancer in February 1997.

Languages: English, Afrikaans

Physical Address:
Ashersons Chambers
34 Plein Street
Cape Town

Western Cape

Postal Address:
Ashersons Chambers
PO Box 2219

Cape Town

Office Contact:
Office Telephone  +27 21 461 6240
Office Fax  +27 21 462 2536

Direct Contact:
Direct Telephon  +27 21 461 0111
Personal website 
Personal E-mail  [email protected]

Jacobus "Jacov" van Zyl's Overview

Jacobus “Jacov” van Zyl was admitted as an attorney in 1995 and as a conveyancer in 1997. He joined Ashersons as a consultant in 2015.

His areas of expertise include Conveyancing, Property Law, and Administration of Estates and Trusts. Jacov brings with him many years of conveyancing experience, enabling him to “walk” a property transfer through the deeds office ensuing that transfers are dealt with as quickly as possible.

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