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Mr Raphael Weiner of Ashersons Attorneys Law Firm

Raphael Weiner

Commercial attorney who also deals with Family, Aviation and Administrative Law, and Advertising Law in Cape Town

Mr Raphael Weiner of Ashersons Attorneys Law Firm
Director/Partner at Ashersons Attorneys

Education: B.Proc UCT (1980); LLM UCT (1992)

Formal Admissions:
Admitted to the High Court as an attorney in February 1983.

Languages: English

Physical Address:
Ashersons Chambers
34 Plein Street
Cape Town

Western Cape

Postal Address:
Ashersons Chambers
PO Box 2219

Cape Town

Office Contact:
Office Telephone  +27 21 461 6240
Office Fax  +27 21 462 2536

Direct Contact:
Direct Telephon  +27 21 461 6243
Personal website 
Personal E-mail  [email protected]

Raphael Weiner's Overview

Rafi Weiner, a Partner at Ashersons, joined the firm in 1981. Rafi was admitted as an attorney in both South Africa and Lesotho in 1983, and in 1989 in Namibia (then South West Africa).

Rafi was awarded a B.Proc degree by the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 1980, and in 1992 he completed his LLM also at UCT.

His areas of expertise include Family, Aviation and Administrative Law where he is one of a few attorneys in Cape Town who represent outdoor advertising companies. He also has extensive experience in Commercial Litigation, where he specialises in Insolvency and Commercial Law. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the drafting and preparation of commercial agreements.

Rafi also has expertise in Criminal Law, particularly with regard to asset forfeiture and commercial and customs fraud.

Areas of Law

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