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Would you like a qualified Lawyer to assist you with your Consumer Protection Law question today? The new Consumer Protection Act is going to have a huge impact on virtually every business in South Africa. Are you covered? Would you like a qualified Lawyer to assist you with your Consumer Protection Law question today?

Consumer Protection Law

Consumer protection laws are designed to protect consumers by ensuring, amongst other things, the free flow of truthful information in the marketplace. These laws are aimed at preventing businesses from engaging in fraudulent or unfair business practices and thereby gaining an unfair advantage over competitors and/or customers. This area of law aims to provide protection for laypersons unfamiliar with their legal rights and in an unequal bargaining position to that of big business.

What benefit will you or your business gain from the new Consumer Protection Act in South Africa? How will you be protected if you purchase faulty, broken or defective goods? Can you return the goods to the supplier or shop? Are you entitled to require that the goods be repaired? Can you return the goods and demand a complete refund of your money?

The new Consumer Protection Act is going to have a huge impact on virtually every business in South Africa. Are you covered?

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Popia concern over publication of matric results

The Information Regulator says unless the Department of Basic Education gets parental consent, they will not be able to publish matric results, reports News24.


Alternate dispute resolution

The start-up starter-pack

You are tired of the nine-to-five, but you have a great business idea. You decide that you are resigning first thing Monday morning to spend the next month getting your ducks in a row to start your cash cow, but you have no idea where to start? That is where most people start. If you do not know where to begin, read this post.

Desperate loan-seekers get class action go-ahead

The Stellenbosch University Law Clinic has been given judicial go-head to launch a class action against Lifestyle Direct Group International and its affiliated websites, in an attempt to claw back money it took from thousands of desperate loan seekers.

Landmark win against Advertsing Regulatory Board

A modern day David has scored a victory against a corporate Goliath as the court declared the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) is acting unconstitutionally when it makes rulings about non-members and their advertising.

SCA overturns ‘faulty’ vehicle refund ruling

Ticking and hissing noises inside the car and a Bluetooth system which does not perform optimally when the vehicle travelled beyond 70km an hour are not defects enough to render the vehicle dysfunctional.

Attorney takes on alleged timeshare payment abusers

An attorney who specialises in consumer law has reported several companies in the timeshare and holiday club industry to the Payments Association of SA (Pasa) for alleged abuse of the payment system.

Owner told cars too expensive for special deal

A motorist with two million-rand cars was so irked when he found they were too expensive to qualify for a R505 bonsella that he submitted a formal complaint.

Legal action warning over 'irrational' orders

Business group Sakeliga has threatened legal action against the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) unless Minister Ebrahim Patel reverses his recently announced restriction on the sale of warm or cooked foods, notes a News24 report.

Does an Expired Lease Automatically Continue Month-to-Month? At What Rental?

What happens if your fixed-term lease expires without an extension agreement? Is there any lease in place at all? If so what terms and conditions apply? What rental is payable? We discuss the answers to those questions with reference to the Rental Housing Act and to a recent High Court judgment in which a landlord, in claiming damages from an ex-tenant, relied on a verbal agreement to increase rental after expiry of a written lease.

A consumer has the right to choose

Have you ever saved up every dime to buy that brand new gadget, just for it to stop working after a few months of use? “Not a problem, we’ll assess the defect and repair it for you”, many suppliers may say and while this may feel like great customer service, did you know that you are being tricked out of your right to choose a remedy.

Landmark rulings aid distressed debtors

Two recent ‘landmark’ rulings have put a stop to practices that could add to your distress when you default on your repayments. One protects the debtor from excessive charges – especially legal fees – when you default; and the other stops creditors from taking legal action in the High Court instead of a Magistrate's Court, says financial journalist Angelique Ardé, in an analysis in Business Times.

Shoprite fined R1m for reckless lending

Shoprite has been fined R1m by the National Consumer Tribunal for breaching the National Credit Act after it was found to have lent recklessly to vulnerable consumers.

Debt-collecting law firms hit by NCA ruling

The Western Cape High Court has delivered a damning judgment against credit providers for overcharging on legal fees and interest in contravention of the National Credit Act (NCA) which came into force in 2007, says a Moneyweb report.

Ford fined and offers compensation over Kugas

Motorists affected by the burning Ford Kuga SUVs will be offered compensation in terms of a settlement agreement between the National Consumer Commission and Ford SA.

NCC to act against sale of ‘share analysis software’

The National Consumer Commission (NCC) is preparing its papers in an application against a group of companies selling controversial ‘share analysis software’.

Court gives complaint against Lewis Stores go-ahead

The Gauteng High Court has ruled that a complaint against Lewis Stores relating to delivery fees for customers who take out credit for the first time, can be heard, reports BusinessLIVE.

Court stops sale of mountain water

SA National Parks (SANParks) has obtained an order in its favour against a Constantia man who had been selling water – by the truckload – from a mountain stream.

Zuma has way out of VBS claim

The KZN High Court (Pietermaritzburg) application by the liquidator of VBS Mutual Bank to recover millions owed to it by former President Jacob Zuma, has revealed how the bank was reckless while conducting its business before it collapsed, notes a Cape Times report.

Bank found guilty of reckless lending

FNB has been found guilty of reckless lending and has had to write off a loan of more than R150 000 to a Gauteng woman who claimed the bank had failed to properly assess her finances when granting the loan.

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