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Family Law

Family law deals broadly with family-related issues and domestic relations including marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships, adoption, surrogacy, child abuse and children's rights generally, the termination of the marriage relationship (annulment, divorce etc); custody arrangements or alimony and parental responsibility orders.

Often clients will have questions regarding, for example, child support payments, domestic abuse & domestic violence protection orders, access to their child and maintenance payments.

What do you do if your husband does not pay maintenance? Can you attach his car or his house?

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Most recent Articles posted

ConCourt upholds recognition of Muslim marriages

The Constitutional Court yesterday confirmed a SCA ruling, which legally recognises Muslim marriages, and declares certain sections of the Marriage Act and Divorce Act unconstitutional, reports News24.

Divorced foreign parents taking on spousal laws

French baker Thierry Gondran’s life has been in limbo for more than two years since his marriage to a South African ended.

Divorced father must continue support for children

A divorced father who stopped certain payments towards his two children – both over 18 – has been ordered to pay his ex-wife R166 000 within 30 days.

Father plans to take custody battle to SCA

A man whose lengthy legal battle to get custody of his six-year-old daughter hit another snag when it was dismissed in the Limpopo High Court (Polokwane) recently is set to lodge an appeal in the SCA.

Spousal visa rules unconstitutional

A judgment by Western Cape High Court Judge Mark Sher means that foreigners who are parents and caregivers of SA children will be allowed to remain in the country after their relationships with their SA spouses come to an end.

Mother loses bid to move child to Dubai

A father has won a battle to stop his ex-wife from relocating to Dubai with their daughter (11), says a report in The Star.

No entitlement to maintenance withdrawal notice

A mother whose ex-husband owed her maintenance payments for their children was legally entitled to withdraw funds from his pension without giving him notice, reports GroundUp.

'Genetic link' law stymies infertile man's surrogacy bid

A single, infertile man who desperately wants a child has had his wishes dashed by the KZN High Court (Pietermaritzburg).

House sale proceeds to cover maintenance

A former husband who has been in arrears with maintenance for his two children and owes his former wife about R200 000 will not see the proceeds of the sale of his house for now as the money must be kept in a trust account to ensure he can settle his maintenance debt.

Judge sets guidelines for surrogacy agreements

A Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) judgment has set new guidelines for courts to take into consideration before granting surrogacy agreements.

Lesbian granted parental rights in insemination case

A court has ruled that a lesbian whose artificially fertilised egg cells were transplanted into her partner should also be considered their twins’ legal parent.

Why Life Partners Still Need Cohabitation Agreements and Wills

What happens if your life partner dies without leaving you anything in their will (“Last Will and Testament”)? Do you have the same protections as married spouses do?


Alternate dispute resolution

Mother warned of jail for obstructing access to children

A Cape Town mother has been warned she will be jailed if she continues to deny her former husband access to their children.

Mother wins NZ emigration battle

Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg) Judge Fiona Dippenaar has considered the better quality of life and opportunities in a foreign country in her decision to rule against a father who sought to scupper his five-year-old daughter’s imminent emigration with her mother.

Unmarried Parents: A New ‘Notice of Birth’ Ruling for Fathers, with 3 Surname Choices

New parents, married or not, are obliged by the Births and Deaths Registration Act (“the Act”) to register their child’s birth with Home Affairs within 30 days.

Act discriminates against unmarried fathers

The Constitutional Court has declared section 10 of the Births and Deaths Registration Act – which does not allow an unmarried father to register his child's birth under his surname, unless the mother is present or gives consent – unconstitutional.

Banking boss must pay estranged wife R2m

A Johannesburg banking executive has discovered that divorce and ensuring that the estranged spouse continues to live the same lifestyle as before the break-up is costly, says a report in The Star.

Limpopo High Court to enforce divorce mediation

Strong opinions have been expressed to Parliament about so-called discrimination against men in the Children’s Act.

Muslim marriages Bill proposed ahead of ConCourt ruling

Ahead of an expected judgment from the Constitutional Court on the recognition of Muslim marriages, the Al Jamah-ah Party has submitted a Private Members Bill on a proposed interim registration of Muslim marriages to the Speaker of Parliament, notes a Cape Argus report.

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