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Family Law

Family law deals broadly with family-related issues and domestic relations including marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships, adoption, surrogacy, child abuse and children's rights generally, the termination of the marriage relationship (annulment, divorce etc); custody arrangements or alimony and parental responsibility orders.

Often clients will have questions regarding, for example, child support payments, domestic abuse & domestic violence protection orders, access to their child and maintenance payments.

What do you do if your husband does not pay maintenance? Can you attach his car or his house?

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Most recent Articles posted

Wealthy family finally settles will dispute

The East London Yazbek family has settled their legal battle over family patriarch Mark Yazbek’s will – agreeing to give younger son Luke Yazbek (45) a settlement of R3.5m.

Gauteng to sue newspaper editor over decuplets saga

The Gauteng Government is planning to sue Pretoria News editor Piet Rampedi and Independent Media over the ‘Tembisa 10’ saga.

Judge dismisses sperm donor's bid for visitation rights

A sperm donor has failed in his bid to have contact with the child he ‘fathered’. This is the effect of a ruling by Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) Judge Jody Kollapen in an unusual battle in which the donor and his mother sought visitation rights for the now five-year-old child.

Unborn baby case offers dignity, but not to all

The judgment by the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) in The Voice of the Unborn Baby case – that most parents who lose a child prior to birth have a right to bury their baby’s bodily remains, irrespective of the stage of foetal development – is a victory to be celebrated by all.

Judge throws out wife's unrealistic maintenance claim

A mother of five embroiled in divorce proceedings with her husband got far less than she bargained for after claiming she couldn’t make ends meet since he left.

Sperm donor dad seeking parental rights

A sperm donor, supported by his mother, is heading to the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) next week in the first part of their legal bid to have access to the child born to a couple with whom he entered a donorship agreement five years ago.

Home Affairs ordered to register single father’s baby

In what The Herald calls a ground-breaking judgment, a court has ordered the Department of Home Affairs to register ‘Baby J’ within 30 days.

Judge sides with father in short-paid maintenance dispute

A judge found that a divorced father of three should be given a break after he short-paid one month’s maintenance to his former wife, as his salary reduction due to Covid-19 left him out of pocket.

Overlooked wife gets court order preventing payouts

A businessman who left millions that had accrued in investments to his children and other family members, breached his marriage vows when he overlooked his wife, according to a ruling by the KZN High Court (Durban).

Couple dispute sperm donor’s ‘parental rights’ claim

A lesbian couple have launched an application in the Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg) intended to block an artificial insemination sperm donor from claiming parental rights to their child.

Retired judge defaults on maintenance dues

A High Court judge whose retirement income from his government pension fund totals R153 000 a month, baulked at his wife’s maintenance requests for herself and their two minor children. And he allegedly failed to transfer the first R27 512 interim maintenance monthly sum he was ordered to pay to his family by a magistrate.

Mother reports 'vindictive' maintenance magistrate

A mother has accused East London Magistrate Zanele Mjali of being ‘vindictive and malicious’, and of abusing her power to take revenge for exposing failures in the justice system to properly administer maintenance through the Magistrate’s Courts.

Former President tells his ex he's not wealthy

One of SA's former Presidents who is being sued for divorce has hit back, saying he is not wealthy and lives off his pension. He stops just short of calling his wife a gold-digger who is living beyond her means, notes a Sunday Times report.

Sisters' long battle over home finally resolved

The battle between sisters over the sale of their father’s home – left to them in his estate – after one of the five lived in it rent free for nine years has finally been resolved in the Western Cape High Court.

Mother ordered to support son

Heiress of the Yazbek millions and family matriarch Juliana Yazbek has been ordered to support her son Luke (45) – whom she fired as manager of the family farms – to the tune of R11 080 a month.

Grandparents – When Must You Pay Maintenance?

One wonders how many grandparents are aware of (let alone plan for) the possibility that they may have a legal duty to support their grandchildren in certain circumstances.

Father cut out of millions in child's estate

A parent does not in the strictest sense of the word need to be the blood and biological parent of a child to inherit if the child dies intestate. This, says a Cape Times report, was the finding of the Pretoria High Court in ordering that the mother and grandmother of a five-year-old boy inherit the millions left in his estate.

Wife contests husband’s share in divorce settlement

A woman – unhappy with the fact that her husband was receiving a share of her pension benefits as well as their communal home when he left her – has turned to the court for an order that he had to forfeit everything due to his conduct.

Pay up or face jail, doctor who cut maintenance warned

A wealthy doctor who told his ex-wife he was no longer ‘willing to fund you lying on your couch every day’ faces two years behind bars if he doesn’t pay her R1.5m within a month.

Businessman owes R648 000 in child maintenance

A niece of one of SA’s richest businessmen is taking her former partner to court for R648 000 in child maintenance payments, says a TimesLIVE report.

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