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With drunk driving laws in South Africa becoming stricter, more and more people are being caught at police road blocks - guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol. If you've been caught drunk driving, you may need legal advice on how to proceed to best protect your rights in Court.

Do I need a Lawyer? Do I need to go to Court? Should I plead guilty? What are my rights once I've been arrested? What is the blood alcohol limit? What is a breathalyser machine? Can they take my driver's licence away from me?

What happens if, for example, you've been assaulted by someone, been robbed, or if you've had your life threatened? Can you report it to the police? Will they investigate the crime? When will you go to Court?

These are all questions that our qualified Lawyers can assist you with. We have a whole panel of criminal Lawyers who can assist you with your Criminal Law question today!

Most recent Articles posted

Alleged unrest instigator charged with terrorism

The NPA’s commitment to playing hardball with alleged instigators of the unrest that rocked the country two weeks ago was given substance yesterday when Patriotic Alliance (PA) West Rand mayoral candidate Bruce Nimmerhoudt was charged under the Terrorism Act for allegedly inciting violence.

SIU reveals role of department in Digital vibes case

Digital Vibes secured its R150m communications contract from the Department of Health as a result of alleged tender-rigging and other irregularities in the bidding process, says a Scorpio report on the Daily Maverick site.

Wife accused of husband's murder denied bail on appeal

The Northern Cape High Court (Kimberley) has found no extraordinary circumstances to justify the release on bail of Suretha Brits, charged for the murder of her Pofadder hotelier husband.

Zuma back in jail after brother's funeral

Former President Jacob Zuma has returned to the Estcourt prison to resume his 15-month sentence for contempt of court.

Legality of police raids to recovery property questioned

The Socio-Economic Rights Institute (Seri) has expressed concern with the police raids on people’s homes in Sebokeng, near the Vaal, in pursuit of looted goods from the unrest that gripped Gauteng and KZN a few days ago.

Zuma expected to be at brother's funeral

Jailed former President Jacob Zuma has applied to the Department of Correctional Services for permission to attend the funeral of his brother, Michael, in Nkandla today – a request that is understood to have created a security nightmare for prison authorities, who have had to come up with a comprehensive security plan before considering the application.

Cash crisis in ANC brings threat from employees

ANC employees have threatened the party’s top six officials, who include President Cyril Ramaphosa, with criminal action over the failure to pay their pension benefits to fund administrators – despite making deductions from their salaries over two years.

Court gives Zuma a three-week break

Jailed former President Jacob Zuma has won a short-term legal victory, giving him three weeks until his next appearance in his arms deal criminal trial, according to a Business Day report.

Zuma acolyte among six 'key arrests'

Just over two weeks after he flanked Jacob Zuma in front of Zuma’s Nkandla home where the former President addressed a gathering of supporters before his imprisonment a few days later, media practitioner and former DJ Ngizwe Mchunu has turned himself in to the police.

Minister rebuked for downplaying violence

Was it a coup attempt, an insurrection or a counter-revolution? In a sign of the confusion within the government over the causes of the violence that killed more than 200 people, caused billions of rands of damage and sullied the country’s reputation, the Presidency has rebuked the Defence Minister’s attempt to downplay the planned nature of the attacks, says a Business Day report.

It's Stalingrad season 27 – Trengove on Zuma

Whether former President Jacob Zuma has succeeded in further delaying his corruption trial will be known today when KZN High Court (Pietermaritzburg) Judge Piet Koen delivers his decision on the former President’s application to postpone a virtual hearing so he can be present to make an oral submission. 

Zuma pal's company in alleged R40m kickbacks deal

A company founded by politically-connected billionaire businessman Vivian Reddy has been accused of defrauding the government of more than R40m through bribery, corruption and the payment of kickbacks.

Called-out doctor jailed for breaking curfew

An ear, nose and throat specialist spent Friday night in the Edenvale police holding cells with four other people. He was accused of violating the Covid-19 curfew, although the doctor told police he was attending to a medical emergency in the West Rand, says a TimesLIVE report.

Zuma to seek postponement of corruption trial

Jacob Zuma will argue for a postponement of his corruption trial when it resumes in virtual mode before the KZN High Court (Pietermaritzburg) this morning.

How ANC groups set up the carnage

Reports published on respected news sites yesterday illustrate how a factionalised ANC and a justice system divided along the same lines has led to the carnage that has engulfed the country this week.

Social media master plan fed the carnage

Entire CBDs, factories, shopping malls, stores, restaurants, service stations, supply routes and some crucial installations have all been laid to waste this week by the violence instigated by players behind the scenes.

Now Zuma seeks 'fair trial' hearing on 'spy tapes'

Former President Jacob Zuma's lawyers want the KZN High Court (Pietermaritzburg) to hold a ‘spy tapes’ hearing to determine if his rights to a fair trial were violated by the NPA – and they have applied for the right to call witnesses, according to legal writer Karyn Maughan in a News24 report.

Special NPA team to tackle looting prosecutions

The ongoing carnage that is wreaking havoc in KZN and Gauteng where scores have now been killed and hundreds arrested continued unabated yesterday as calls mounted for the introduction of a state of emergency. 

Cash crisis looms as looters target banks, ATMs

The protests ravaging KZN and Gauteng are set to create a potentially devastating cash crisis, with cash-in-transit companies stopping the collection and delivery of money to businesses and ATMs.

ConCourt must not be intimidated

Unprincipled lawyers and others who speak on behalf of Jacob Zuma are comfortable to weaponise gender, race, ethnicity, and poor legal argument in defence of the indefensible.

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