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Solidarity vows to fight ‘unconstitutional’ NHI

Solidarity has revealed it will fight what it called the ‘unconstitutional, unworkable and unaffordable’ National Health Insurance (NHI) system in court.

Taxpayers flag NHI concerns

An overwhelming majority of taxpayers feel that the National Health Insurance (NHI) system will have a negative impact on healthcare in SA.

Discovery ordered to withdraw gap cover ad

The Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) has ordered Discovery to withdraw a ‘misleading’ advert offering maternity benefits on gap cover.

Court rules in favour of gay sperm donor

In a victory for unconventional families, a gay sperm donor has found solace in being granted permission to see his daughter after a prolonged legal battle with a lesbian couple to secure his parental rights.

Gym ditches X after trans row

Virgin Active has come under fire for allowing trans people to use changing rooms which affirm their new legally-recognised identities, notes a News24 report.

Mother to get damages after uterus removed

A first-time time mother who was healthy when she went to a state hospital to deliver her baby – but came out of a caesarean section minus her uterus – has sued the Gauteng Health MEC for damages.

Cape Town given green light to evict 'pavement dwellers'

The City of Cape Town has been given the green light to evict about 200 people living on the pavement at several inner-city sites, reports GroundUp.

Law firm flags NHI ‘point of departure’

President Cryil Ramaphosa recently signed the National Health Insurance (NHI) Act into law, which could make life harder for companies trying to attract talent.

Ex-husband must pay maintenance to foster child

Confronted with a situation of whether a man is liable to pay maintenance to his divorced wife for a foster child in their care, the Western Cape High Court ruled that the interests of the child is of paramount importance.

Clicks sued over alleged medication error

A David-and-Goliath battle between pharmaceutical retailer Clicks and a woman who claims she almost bled to death after being dispensed the incorrect medication is being fought in the Western Cape High Court.

Surge in cancer-related insurance claims

After the high life cover claims seen during the Covid-19 pandemic era, cancer has re-emerged as the leading reason for claims.

Storm builds over signing of NHI Bill

President Cyril Ramaphosa faces a torrent of opposition from health professional groups, political parties and business after he signs the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill into law today.

R23.6bn paid over four years staggering

In the past four years, the National Department of Health has coughed up R23.6bn following medico-legal claims across the country, while in the Western Cape 270 claims have been paid with a whopping R501m price tag and R34m for legal costs.

Judge slams mother over harmful conduct

Gauteng High Court (Johannesburg) Acting Judge KL Meikle has expressed his concerns following claims that the mother of a boy (6) is allegedly exposing him to harmful conduct.

Mediclinic cleared of malpractice charges

An independent investigation has cleared Mediclinic of intentionally manipulating billing or coding to save the hospital group money.

Anti-vaxxers fail in bid to stop Covid vaccinations

Three non-profit companies have failed in their court bid to stop the government from making available Covid-19 vaccinations.

NHI funding remains a mystery

How National Health Insurance (NHI) will be funded seems to raise endless questions and provide few answers. It was hoped Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana would answer some of these questions in his 2024 Budget speech.

Department warns about ‘misleading’ vaccine voice note

The Department of Health has warned people to ignore a voice note making the rounds claiming people vaccinated against Covid-19 are dying as a result of the vaccine and promoting the use of an unregistered product to prevent this, reports TimesLIVE.

Surgeon fined for botched hysterectomy

Celebrity publicist Hlengiwe Mbambo, who is married to former Scandal! actor Thabo Malema, reportedly cried ‘tears of joy’ when she heard that the doctor who had botched her hysterectomy was convicted.

Mother seeks R30m for brain damaged child

The Gauteng Health Department is facing a damages claim of more than R30m – instituted on behalf of a mother and her now 11-year-old daughter – after the child was born with severe brain damage, allegedly due to the negligence of the medical staff at the Natalspruit Hospital in Katlehong in September 2012.

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