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Insurance Law

Insurance Law

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident in which your car has been damaged? Are you currently insured by a registered insurance company? Is your insurance company refusing to pay out to fix your car ? What about your insurance excess or your no-claims bonus - What happens to that?

Were you the sole cause of the accident? Is the other party attempting to claim damages from you? Has your house burnt down? What happens with the insurance claim?

These are all questions that our qualified Lawyers can assist you with. We have a whole panel of Lawyers who can assist you with advice regarding your Insurance Law question today!

Most recent Insurance Law Articles posted

Insurer ordered to pay disability claim

Liberty Life has failed in its bid to reject a payment to a disabled claimant, and has been ordered to cough up. A Cape Times report says long-term Insurance Ombudsman Judge Ron McLaren ordered Liberty Life to pay an unemployed diabetic a disability benefit of about R200 000, which includes interest. The claimant at the centre of the dispute was diagnosed with diabetes with ‘severe peripheral neuropathy’ in July 2012.

Damages claim for cerebral palsy boy nears finality

The damages claim of a seven-year-old boy who developed cerebral palsy after state medical staff at the Mowbray Maternity Hospital failed to diagnose that he had jaundice at birth, is set to be finalised, according to a Weekend Argus report. It notes the Western Cape High Court has handed down a judgment in which it determined the boy’s life expectancy and found his expected age of death was 55. The parties’ lawyers and the Centre for Child Law spent 45 days thrashing out the issues before Judge Owen Rogers.

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