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SARS recovers R170m in unpaid taxes

SARS says it has recovered R170m in unpaid taxes, following its pursuit of 52 companies that were awarded R1bn in contracts for Covid-19-related services, reports News24.

Man pleads guilty to defrauding SARS

A man who pleaded guilty to 19 counts of fraud against SARS has been jailed for six years. An IoL report notes that Manivasen Govender was sentenced in the Durban Magistrate’s Court for the offences which occurred in Durban between October 2010 and February 2014.

SARS celebrates win over vexatious claimant

SARS is celebrating after winning a vexatious litigation application in opposition to the obstructive behaviour by a taxpayer intended to delay legal proceedings.

Court finds SARS 'unreasonable' to apply penalty

A full Bench of the Western Cape High Court has held that there had been an ‘unreasonable exercise of the discretion’ by SARS in considering a taxpayer’s grounds for requesting a remittance of a penalty of R1 064 607.69, which had been levied for the late payment of employee pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) tax.

Tax exempt Jacob Zuma Foundation benefits one man

‘The Jacob Zuma Foundation, which is tax exempt according to SARS’ website, does not seem to be carrying out public benefit activities for the benefit of, or widely accessible to, the general public. It appears to be focusing only on its founder and speaking on his behalf, as well as raising money on his behalf.’

SARS turns the screws on Shivambu brother

SARS’ Criminal and Illicit Economic Activities division has traced stolen VBS money through two front companies into EFF deputy leader Floyd Shivambu’s FNB Private Wealth bank account, according to Scorpio investigative reporter Pauli van Wyk.

Gupta firm battles SARS over tax assessment

Gupta-linked company Regiments Capital is approaching the courts to set aside a tax assessment of R680m against the company, Rapport reports.

SARS to attach GladAfrica assets over R88m debt

SARS says it has obtained a civil judgment and a writ of execution to attach assets belonging to GladAfrica Management Services over an unpaid debt of R88m.

Media groups go after Zuma tax records

Despite his buoyant attitude following the postponement of his criminal trial for corruption last week, Jacob Zuma has a lot on his plate, including a legal bill mountain that awaits settlement. 

SARS move on school fees for disabled under fire

SARS’ continued attack on the ability of taxpayers to claim relief for the education costs of the disabled has been described as ‘mean and disrespectful’, according to a Moneyweb report.

Former SARS auditors linked to R321m tax fraud

The Hawks in Johannesburg have arrested two former SARS auditors for alleged tax crimes worth some R321m.

SARS on way to recovery from state capture

SARS Commissioner Edward Kieswetter yesterday said there were encouraging signs of progress at the organisation, but there was still a long way to go.

SARS fails to persuade SCA on claim against Levi's

SARS is not entitled to claim nearly R140m from jeans maker Levi Strauss, the SCA has ruled – even if some of Levi's tax calculations are dubious.

VAT fraudsters on the run for eight years re-arrested

Two men have been rearrested after being on the run from the law for eight years. According to a report in The Citizen, the suspects were arrested about 17 years ago for their involvement in a refund for a false VAT input claim to the value of R2.7m.

SCA dismisses Massmart’s R1bn tax refund bid

The SCA has ruled that Massmart could not claim nearly R1bn worth of losses from the taxman for a share incentive scheme implemented 20 years ago for senior managers.

Is it a machine? No, it's a cellphone!

Samsung has come out on the wrong end of a dispute with SARS over import duties on cellphones at the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria).

Ruling not a ‘silver bullet' on SARS disputes

Absa’s recent court victory fuelled hope that taxpayers could bypass the protracted and prohibitively expensive dispute-resolution process when engaging in battle with SARS.

Absa scores a win for all in SARS dispute

In a legal victory that could save companies time and possibly money, the Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) affirmed Absa’s contention that it can bypass a mandated ‘protracted slog’ through a dispute resolution mechanism to resolve a difference with SARS.

SARS gets preservation order against luxury car-lover

The Gauteng High Court (Pretoria) has confirmed a section 163 (preservation) order granted to SARS in September last year against luxury car-loving businessman Thabiso Hamilton Ndlovu and several companies that have been described by the presiding judge as ‘mere fronts’.

Call for home security costs to be tax deductible

TLU South Africa has launched a campaign for the cost of high walls, security cameras, burglar alarms, electric fences, razor wire, armed-response services, guard dogs, home insurance and expenses of home security measures and equipment to be tax deductible.

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